Thursday, April 3, 2008

Why I have not updated

March 22nd I had my own garage sale, which was disappointing. It was Easter weekend, which never does good for garage sales.

But we had a great Easter Sunday. How sweet is this?

Then last Saturday, it looked promising - lots of ads, then it was cold and raining after going to only a handful of sales!

So this week has to be better! I'm ready to find good stuff!

I'll have to take pics of my yard sale crew this week in our 6:30am Saturday morning glory. And I'll have to start sharing with you the Rules of Yard Sales. There are rules that we have come up with over the last 10 or 15 years for people who have yard sales, as well as shoppers - you have to have something to talk about in the car!

So be prepared for a big yard sale post!!! Rain date 4/12/08.... just kidding.

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Michelle Spoon said...

Hey! no i havent read that book before! it sounds very interesting! i love this picture of your little girl! she is just absolutely beautiful! Thanks for commenting my blog! I would love to read that book sometime too! Thanks girl! i hope you have a great day!
Love ya!