Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

I turned 21 this weekend. I'm old now. That's me (in my dress that I got from Coldwater Creek's online outlet for not $119, but about $10), miss Emily Kay, and the husband. We went to dinner at Printworks Bistro (their webpage) because it makes me feel fancy. It's also the one time a year that I can make everyone go to a restaurant that they all hate. We came home for cake, icecream and presents... And look what I got...

If you don't know what that is, you should go see this. And I did not get just one, I got 2. Because my aunt loves me. And I think I'm borderline stalker of the Nester. No, not stalker, just big fan/advocate.

Then me, my bestest (Dusti), and my sister got dolled up for a night out. My sister being the one in the middle. The rest must never be spoken of. It was my 21st. :o) Just kidding.
PS - I got bangs. I think they're cute.
PPS - I will post decorating stuff when I'm not lazy or working at one of my two jobs. Which will be Wednesday.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cabinet Makeover & Mistreatments

My mom has been wanting to paint her china cabinet in her kitchen black forever. She has shown me so many blogs reaffirming her need to paint this. It turned out great. This is a before picture. See the ugly hardware. That drawer had a pull, but I took this picture right after it had been taken off. Now, the after.

New hardware. It looks really good with her table, which I should've taken a picture of, but oh well. She's going to leave the doors off and she already has pretty cream dishes displayed on the shelves. I know she's going to be checking my blog every hour for comments on her china cabinet, so let her know how you like it!
She used American Accents paint from Lowe's, Fast Drying Latex, Smooth Semi-Gloss Finish, Semi-Gloss Black.
But wait! There's more! I also mistreated her windows, ala The Nester. (I feel like I need to put the registered trademark symbol behind "mistreat" and "The Nester". But it's not a registered trademark. And I'm too lazy to look up the alt+ code to do it. )

The coloring/lighting is AWFUL in this picture but I don't have any photo editing software handy. So picture it just like this, but 100x better. I got each strip of fabric for 10 cents. A furniture store was going out of business and selling their fabric swatches. As I dug through the boxes I thought about how fun it would be to be a decorator pick out whatever fabric you wanted. *sigh* Then I tacked them up with upholstry tacks bought at Lowe's. And finished it by hot glue-ing Christopher Lowell trim from Joann's on the bottom. It was fun. Except the part where everyone but me thinks they are slanting down and makes me redo them 500 times. Grrrrrr...

This is another view of her living room but before the trim was glued on here. We moved the red leather chair from the bedroom to out here. It ties in the curtains a lot.

Have a great day & thanks for stopping by!