Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lots of Stufffff

Look at all the stuff! A black side table. An apothecary jar... or whatever those things are called. A cool vase thing - that is going to be painted black... or white. A couple of silver trays. A white tray. A cake stand. Red high heels - woo hoo... okay they were $9 but they were brand new! 2 crosses. A brass chandelier to be experimented on in painting - any advice? A cute lil birdhouse. Some Mammy Aunt Jemima things for my mother in law. Cuz she likes stuff like that. A white window. An screen door frame of some sort. And finally if you haven't noticed all ready... the find of the week... the antique fan. Guess how much it was...

Another look...

A closer look... Have you guessed yet?
I saw the fan. I found the man selling it. I said, "How much for that fan over there?" He says, "Oh. Umm it doesn't work..." Hahah YAY! I said, "Oh... okay..." He says, "I don't know... $5?" Nonchalantly I say, "Oh... hmmm" He says, "Well, when you turn it on, you can hear the motor running so it could be probably be fixed." I said, "Oh okay." Then I ran back to the fan and snatched that bad boy up.
At an antique store a few weeks ago, they were selling fans for $50 and up! And those had NO hope of ever working again. Sweet! Isn't it awesome? I gave it to my aunt because she's the bestest.
The end.


Kari & Kijsa said...

Great find!! Love the fan!

kari & kijsa

Marie said...

I found you via the Nester. And I realllly like your blog! You found some great things at that last yard sale! Go you! I'm bookmarking you, so I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

Came here from Marie's~!! What great finds~!!
I'll be back~

Carrie said...

I found you through Marie cute fan and cute blog I will be back!