Saturday, April 5, 2008

As Promised

Finds of the Morning:

2 wood picture frames (to be painted white)...............................................$3 ea

1 shabby chic chandeleer.................. $5

1 Toile Pitcher.................................. $2

1 Robin's Egg Blue Candle Holder.... $1

1 Wire Basket (to be painted black).. $4

Plus an armload of Banana Republic, brand new condition, clothes I grabbed for a dollar a piece. I'll have to tell what I do with those later this week... And 50 cents for the first season of Sex in the City!

Yard Sale Ettiquitte

1. Please have proper signage! A piece of copier paper scribbled on with pencil does not work. Duh.

2. Please open at 7 or 8am. Opening at 9am is just laziness! And DO NOT rope off your driveway and guard your sale looking at your watch until the opening time. I will leave because that is dumb. And here's a hint to you bargain hunters - the times I have waited were never worth it!

3. Similarly, I can clearly see if you are still puting out your boxes but I can get the jist of it. Please don't have a heart attack about me looking in your unpacked boxes! It's not hurting anything. Either a) I might find some things I'd like to buy or b) I'll leave without ever looking at them! There are lots of sales people. I'm not waiting for yours.

4. Do not sell stuff that should be put out on the curb. There's good bric-a-brac and there is bad bric-a-brac. As our crew walks away from your sale, I will drop an egg or two in your driveway, depending on the ickyness of your crap. Okay, just kidding. But we always talk about doing it and we just might one day, so watch out.

5. I understand that people have emergencies, but hopefully there are not so many emergencies to account for all of the cancelled yard sales. If it is perfectly sunny out and I'm looking at your house and it's the same address that's in the paper and there's no sale and you weren't hugging the toilet all night, shame on you! (This may also call for the eggs...) At least put out a sign so we don't check back 30 min. later!

And I have a little annecdote for you... At a house today that was in the $700,000+ range, my favorite yard-salin' two year old found herself a tiny dog figurine. This was also the sale with the above pictured candle holder. Emily Kay was holding the dog and I asked her, "Do you want the dog?" And the lady having the sale rushes over and says to her, "Do you have a quarter?" Emily Kay smartly answers, "No, I have a doggy." So I shopped around and found the candleholder. As I was paying, Emily Kay headed back to the car with the rest of our crew and I said, "Here's a dollar for the candle holder and a qua--"

The lady interupts me. "Hold on!" She runs down the driveway yelling, "Did she like the dog?! Is she getting the dog?!"

Seriously. She was chasing the two year old for twenty-five cents. And if she wasn't being such a ding dong worrying about a 2 year old thief, she would have seen me holding $1.25 and heard me finish my sentence.

Again, this was in the million dollar neighborhood. Whatever lady. Oh yeah.... and here's Emily Kay with her treasure.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, I just love all your yardsale finds! I would have picked up those exact same things myself. And I had to laugh at your yardsale rules, I totally agree with most of them!

Thanks for visiting me!


Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said...

Hey...THANKS for visiting my blog!!...This post just TOTALLY cracked me up ( LOVE the egg idea!)..Our small town(the ENTIRE Town) is having a CLEAN SWEEP yard sale this saturday.....I think IM IN TROUBLE!!!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Great yard sale finds! And I love your rules. I'll do my best to follow them! :-)

Happy day!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh. Too funny. I think they should post your rules in the classifieds of the paper each week along with the lists of upcoming yard sales. -Julia :-)

Janet said...

I have that red wire basket ( which I love red) and it has traveled around my house with various stuff in it ie: onions, pine cones, christmas ornaments, plants. Pretty versatile piece and it will look great black!