Monday, March 3, 2008

Preseason 2008

Welcome to Jaelou For You!

When I was in middle school, Jaelou is what I decided would be my brand name. If I was ever to have a store or a clothing line or anything, I would call it Jaelou - pronounced Jay Loo, but much fancier looking. Short for Jessica Louise - that's me!

I love all things crafty (as in arts and crafts) & cottage-y & girly.

One of my favorite hobbies is going to yard sales. After sleeping in on Saturdays all winter, last weekend I was able to finally go. There were about 10 advertised that sounded pretty good. I wouldn't say the season has begun yet, but it's definately almost time!

Here are finds of the week:

Here you can see 3 vintage beveled glass frames. I'm going to remove the poor falling apart butterflies and probably paint the frames, but I was really excited about the glass. You can also see the corner of a really cute deck of Hearts cards with illutstrated animals on them from the 1960's. I actually got 3 different decks - this one, an Old Maid deck, and a Canasta deck. No cards were missing from any of the decks! Old people take such good care of their things!!!

In this picture you can see a cross-stitch that I'm going to hang in my hallway after I paint the frame white. And I found this plate with flowers on it and you can also see the other 2 decks of cards.

In addition to what I have pictures of I got Emily Kay, my 2 year old, a Pound Puppies coloring book from the 80's and a perfect condition See-n-Say from the 80's, and she *loves* them. My mom got a really thick, old mirror to hang and 3 men's ties. And I got a bunch of tupperware-type stuff.

But get this - ALL of this was for $4 at one yard sale! How cool is that?

If by any chance any one familiar with the Wilmington, NC area reads this by this weekend I'd really appreciate any hot tips on cool shopping/sight seeing in the area. Thanks so much!

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emily said...

Yay! Your first post! I love it. I think you should post about all your yard sale finds. How fun! I was so excited to see 2 yard sale signs in my neighborhood on Saturday. I got a deck of cards :) Let the sale season begin!