Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Day with Emily Kay

Like I said, I have a two year old named Emily Kay. She is very sassy and has the most perfect personality, although I may be partial.

Yesterday I got to spend the day with her because my child care (my mom, hehe) was sick. We woke up early and I wanted to go downtown to some antique stores, but I didn't even think about it being about 3 hours before they would even open.

So we ended up at the library. It was the first time Emily Kay has ever been to one and since she loves books, I knew she'd love it. I told her when we got there the rules - that you have to be quiet, stay with me, and if you take a book you have to put it back where you got it before you get a new one.

We read some Max & Ruby books, a Franklin book, and any book that had a moon or a dog on the cover.

I know she's just a little blur, excuse the cell phone picture... but then again, that's kind of what she looks like in real life too.

I also went to Lowe's and got a bunch of stuff to plant in the yard. I'm going to have to wait until next month to plant the seeds, I think, but I went ahead and planted Blackberry Bush yesterday. I think it sounds really impressive but it looks so pitiful. It looks like a stick about the size of a pencil, stuck in the ground. Hopefully something will come of that. We'll see.

I'm really excited about having a yard! I just moved out of my nasty apartment to a cute little house with a fenced yard. I will definately post pics of my new house as soon as it looks like more than a bunch of piled up furniture and boxes. And it is a rental, so I'm just going to have to get over the icky green/peach color scheme outside. Oh well!

Have a good day!

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